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(2/30) day character challenge

Name one scar your character has, and tell us where it came from. If they don’t have any, is there a reason?

Olivier has no scars. He’s a bit of a freak when it comes to getting hurt— he’s the type to over bandage a mosquito bite and he even dramatically reacts to a paper cut. He’s never had anymore than a scratch really and when he does happen to get himself wounded he goes all out in aiding his healing process.

His reason why? Probably because he really hates getting hurt physically and scars are reminders of the pain.

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are you trying to test me? (open)


With the day off Lola thought today would be the perfect day to go for a walk in the park, it was a nice day out and she’d been cooped up inside for the past three days. At the park she let her Pokemon run about playing with the other Pokemon while she stood off to the side blissfully watching them. She shoved her hands in her pockets and began rocking back and fourth on her heels. Unaware that she’d dropped her wallet.

She notices Marill and Growlithe trying to get into a fight and sighs. Making her way towards them when her Xtransceiver goes off in her pocket. She pulls it out and sees her bodygaurd Ray staring back at her with an aggitated look. “Ms. Hart, where are you?” he asks sternly and Lola smiles innocently at him. “I’m just at the park, Ray and I’m fine. No one even recognizes me.” Lola explained when suddenly she heard someone yelling after her. She turned to see a man holding her wallet and looked concerned. Suddenly everyone was looking at them and a few whispers were spreading. “Ray, I’ll call you back.” Lola said and hung up before Ray could argue with her.

"I’m sorry, sir. But I don’t think I completely follow what you’re saying. But thank you for picking up my wallet for me."


Her response put a bit of a damper into his fun, but at the same time he really didn’t set any expectations. He shrugs his shoulders, and plays around with the wallet a bit.  He pushes hair out of his eyes and tries his best stern face. ”How heedless of you to even drop something so valuable.”

He leans in close and signals her to do so as well, like he’s got something to say. “Y’know there’s terrible people out there who actually don’t return fallen wallets. They go by a saying, finders keepers, loosers weepers.” He whispers to her as if he’s wary of the people around them.

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are you trying to test me? (open)


Lilian’s trips to other regions were always brief, if she went at all. Though she was obligated to stay in Kalos and help out with the cafe, her mother had persuaded her to take a short trip away from home. ‘Get some experience in a new region, go out and see the world; it’s not healthy for such a young woman to work all the time,’ she’d said. Though she’d protested at first, the thought of exploration filled her mind, and she eventually agreed to go away for a bit to Sinnoh.

It had been a rather enjoyable trip so far, exciting for both her and her Pokemon. What she hadn’t expected was for a man to accuse her of dropping her wallet purposely so she could report him to the police. Wait, back up a moment- she hadn’t even realized she dropped her wallet! No way of getting it back without confronting this man (as much as she would’ve liked to ignore him), she turned around and gave him a smile.


"Pardon me sir, but if I’d wanted to report you to the police, I would’ve done something much worse.” Her tone held a sharp edge to it. “Thank you for finding my wallet, though. Could I have it back?”

"Oh? What’s worse than tainting my clear record, obstructing my chances of opportunities and wearing tacky jumpsuits while brushing a cup against metal bars?" He says returning her smile, though a bit bitterly. He sees her smile and he can’t but think, oh is this girl for real? That little stunt his heart pulled (literally)? He must’ve misjudged it as sympathy when it was probably just heart burn from this mornings coffee.

He sighs, dangling the wallet around as if it’s just the most disgraceful thing he’s ever had to touch. “As thankful as you want to perceive yourself as, your tone sure says otherwise.” He says. “Maybe I should’ve just left your little wallet on the ground where someone else could’ve took it and spent it aimlessly on themselves. That would suck, huh?”

Olivier gives her an unfaltering stare, one that says, I was going to do that, and grunts. Never again will he pick up a fallen wallet, nope. He moves his hand to give it to her, but as soon as she goes out to grab it, he takes it back. “Now, wait a minute, I should be taking the role of the adult here and warn you about your carelessness, shouldn’t I?” He starts, tossing the wallet from one hand to the other as if pondering over that question. “Nope, not really, because i wouldn’t give a ratata’s… end if you lost something again.” With that he throws the wallet her way. “So start being a little more thankful that a stranger went out of their way to do a good deed, princess. Cause, I sure as heck won’t be doing this again.”

are you trying to test me? (open)

It was nice to stray away from the lab from time to time and today seemed exceptionally pleasant for a walk in the pokepark. Warm sunshine was lighting up in the area and there was a soft breeze that offered a refreshing coolness— just how Olivier liked it; not too cold, not too hot. Now, of course, he shouldn’t be the only one to relish the nice weather, he’s got to share it with his pokemon.

However, as he digs into his pocket for their pokeballs, the muted sound of something soft bundled up landing on the grass comes from behind him. He peers over his shoulder and spots a wallet not even a foot away from him. 

He looks up again and notices that someone was already walking away, preoccupied with something in their hands, blissfully unaware that they probably dropped their wallet. Now in situations like this Olivier wouldn’t be doing anything but ignore the wallet because it wasn’t his problem but for some reason there’s a tiny tug in his heart that’s telling him, oh my god you should totally do the right thing. So he, albeit reluctantly, does so, scooping up the wallet and calls the person out.

 "Whaaaat? How terrible of you! Are you trying to test me? 


"Did you drop this wallet purposely so you can report me afterwards for stealing it?"

(1/30) day character challenge

 What are your characters most prominent physical feature?

Well, first off, one of the things that Olivier just hates to talk about is appearance. Talk about trends, make up, hair and what not— he just absolutely hates it. He understands that one’s appearance reflects their image and all but honestly, again, he just doesn’t care about those things. He believes that caring too much about appearance shows weakness. On the other hand, he does know the difference between not caring and not caring at all. So, just because he hates the idea of the importance of appearance he won’t be wearing his underwear over his pants or wear flip flops with socks anytime soon. He just hates it when people fuss about how they look.


On to the topic at hand, he feels that maybe his tinted natural skin tone is probably what stands out most for him. He’s got that sun kissed skin that most people stay out and risk skin damage for.